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Top Free Android Apps For Creative Kids

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Many kids have creative minds that need to be nurtured early. This will help them develop the skill and bring out the inner artist in them. If not, creativity can also help kids learn how to think “out of the box”, a trait that many adults lose as they grow up. Here are some of the cool creative Android apps available for the kids this year. Don’t worry, you can find them available for free download on Google Play.

colAR Mix

Coloring pictures is always a fun activity for many kids. The colAR Mix Android app takes it another notch by integrating it with augmented reality technology. This unique app can bring pictures that kids color themselves into life in 3D. Kids only need to open the app on an Android tablet and use the device camera to focus on the colored picture. Kids will instantly see the pictures come to life in 3D with the magic of augmented reality. The pictures can then be animated, zoomed in and out, and can be seen from different angles in 3D. The colAR Mix app gives and interesting and creative take on coloring pages and pages of pictures. The app requires coloring pages, which can be downloaded and printed from http://www.colARApp.com.

FableScapes 2

Many kids love listening to stories. Even more kids like to tell them. Our kids love to play with make-believe stuff and they can express it through the stories that they tell. You can help bring out that creativity and imagination from your kids with the FableScapes 2 Android app.

The FableScapes 2 gives kids a chance to tell their own stories based on different settings and characters. The app provides the kids with a different set of characters to use in their stories. There are three scenarios available where their stories can take place. The kids can control what characters to use and what they do in the story. The scenes become animated features that help kids flesh out their stories to parent as well as other kids. The FableScapes 2 Android app provides kids with a way to develop their creativity and imagination when telling stories.

Magic Belles: Magic Music

For musically inclined kids, there are also Android apps like the Magic Belles: Magic Music that helps teach kids the basics of music in a fun and interesting way. This app is full of charming musical background and sound effects in order to help kids create music. Interactive games mix sound and animation to keep the kids entertained as they learn and have fun with sounds. This app is designed for music-loving kids from 3 to 6 years old.

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