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Top Cool Girl Toys for 2013

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Kids are already anticipating the holidays at this time of the year. They might already be dreaming up of the toys that they will be getting this upcoming holidays.  As parents, you may not want to disappoint them sometimes. So here are some interesting girl toys now available for your 6 to 11 year olds.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll

Girls love playing with dolls. If you wish to give her one these upcoming holidays, then you can try the Flutterby Flying Fairy Doll. It is not a typical doll that girls usually play with. It is a fairy doll that flies. Kids only need to turn on the switch on the display stand for the doll and then watch it fly. Kids can also control how high or how low the fairy flies by placing the palm of their hand beneath the flying fairy. Girls from 5 years and up will surely love having this fairy around to play with. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $30.

Shimmer N Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom

As your girls grow, they become more fashion conscious. They start to look after what they wear. It is not just the dress but also the accessories they use day to day. Make them become more creative when using accessories by giving them this Shimmer N Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom. It is a unique toy to help kids and tweens create their own rubber band bracelets. The loom allows kids to loop, weave and wear the rubber band bracelets into a number of creative and colorful fashion accessories. This interesting toy set comes with the Shimmer N Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom bracelet maker, 600 assorted-color rubber bands, the S hooks special weaving hook tool, and an instruction booklet to guide the kids to create those colorful and unique rubber band bracelets. The Shimmer N Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom is available at Toys R’ Us for $15.

Crayola Melt N Mold Factory

Girls love to color. Give you child something creative to do with their crayons by giving them this Crayola Melt N Mold Factory it is a fun device that can melt ordinary Crayola crayons and create unique items with them. This toy is AC powered and comes with two molds that will allow the kids to create their own custom swirled crayons. One mold creates swirled crayons in the common Crayola shape while the other creates ring-shaped crayons. Kids can easily melt the crayon bits of different color combinations into the melting tray. Once the melted wax, kids can then pour the melted crayons into the molds. There are other molds (sold separately) that will allow kids to create other toys using their crayons. The Crayola Melt N Mold Factory comes with two starter molds, a 24 Crayola Crayons, and a mold holder. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $50.

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