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Creating stories is part of a child’s learning experience. It helps them learn how to digest and create a series of events into a structured form. Kids need stories to help them learn about things more easily. Stories help engage kids into listening and understanding. Therefore, parents should put emphasis on telling kids stories as a part of their learning process. Parents can learn creating visual stories with their kids using their iPhones or iPads with the Toontastic iOS app.

The Toontastic iOS app is a unique storytelling app that enables users to create their own cartoons and animated stories. Kids can use hundreds of characters and backgrounds to start-off creating animated stories. Users can even draw out their own characters as part of the animation. Using it is simple Special FX features add some interesting effects to your animated stories. It is easy to create your own brand of moving pictures. Just press the record button on the app, move the characters on the screen and then tell the story.

With the animated stories done in a simple manner, along with fun story composition, it can help kids become more engaged in listening. The Toontastic app can also be a way to introduce kids to the wonderful world of creating animation. Kids also learn how to compile different story elements and then create their own storytelling structure to share with others. Quite a key storytelling tool, the Toontastic iOS app is available for free download at the Apple App Store.

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