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Tomy John Deere Combine Harvester Ride-On

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Ride-ons are popular toys among kids. Riding on one gives them that feeling of being a traveler of sorts. They can imagine being a driver and go places, even if it is just around the house. But it is quite fun and enjoyable in the eyes of a child. The type of ride-on they get into also helps them engage their wild imaginations to another level. Just looking at this new John Deere Combine Harvester Ride-on from Tomy and you can just imagine how excited kids will be riding on them.

The new Tomy John Deere Combine Harvester Ride-On is designed big enough for the young farmers to get into. It is fully kid-powered, meaning no motors or power sources to deal with. It is accompanied with bright yellow balls that this toy harvester combine can collect on the floor as it passes through the ride-on’s front scoop. The balls then come out from the rear of the car, similar to how actual grains are harvested using real combines.

Kids can have quite a lot of fun playing with the John Deere Combine Harvester Ride-On. They can imagine being young farmers harvesting their crops as they go. This farm-inspired kid’s ride-on is expected to be available at Tomy sometime this year. It is expected to cost around $60 once available.

Image Source: Toyland Gizmodo

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