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Tomy EDASH Series RC Cars

by dennis

Remote controlled cars can be fun for kids to play with. But most of the conventional RC models usually come with the same functions that will no longer excite some kids. Takara Tomy of Japan has come up with an ingenious idea of making RC cars eco-friendly this time. In the process, the company was able to develop the Tomy EDASH Series of remote controlled toy cars.

The Tomy EDASH Series of remote controlled cars are designed to be quite different from the usual RC toy cars. They are designed to be eco-friendly in a way in that they no longer require replaceable or disposable batteries in order to operate and run. The only way to power the RC cars is by using the hand crank device that also acts as the remote control. Users attach the hand crank into the toy car and turn it for about 60 seconds. The crank generates electricity that provides the power to the car. A minute’s worth of cranking can provide the car with running power from 90 to 120 seconds.

But that’s not all. The hand crank remote control device can also move the car forward or backward by turning on the crank from one direction to another. And while the crank is being used to move the car, the action also generates power for the car’s remote control at the same time. You can say that the Tomy EDASH Series of RC cars can be considered as self-sufficient in a way when it comes to producing its own power. This unique and eco-friendly toy is now introduced in the Japanese market at a price of around 4,179 Japanese Yen. That’s just around US$52 each.

Image Source: Takara Tomy

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