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Tobbly Wobbly Building Set

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Kids love to build things. But after getting accustomed to using the same sets, they can get pretty bored about it after a while. It helps to give kids different types of building sets to continue stimulating their interest to create. A good but simple toy that kids can start with is this Tobbly Wobbly Building Set.

The Tobbly Wobbly is not your typical building set. It is not designed for kids to build structures. Its aim is to just give kids a fun way to use different parts to create a unique whole. For this, kids start with  trying to be creative by building a character. This set comes with an egg-shaped base that opens up to reveal parts with suction cups. Kids just choose which parts with suction cups goes where to build a customizable and wobbly character. The weighted base prevents the egg-shaped character from toppling down.

The Tobbly Wobbly is simple and fun to play with and yet can also help kids build up their creativity in a fun way. Playing with it also helps kids develop their planning and creature design skills as well as their fine motor skills. The Tobbly Wobbly comes with 14 building components with suction cups along with the egg-shaped base that also functions as a storage container and a reusable sticker sheet. This building set is ideal for kids from  3 years old and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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