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Tobbles Neo Toy Set

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Toys can help kids discover and develop their senses. Along the way, they also learn how to make use of them and develop certain skills through these senses. It helps to provide them with stimulation to encourage learning and discovery. The Tobbles Neo toy set can do just that. 

The Tobbles Neo is a set of colorful round shaped pieces of different sizes that kids can have fun stacking and toppling. These are activities that stimulate kids to learn about how objects behave with certain actions. It allows them to understand the principles of cause and effect in a simple way. but most of all, these are activities that many kids find to be quite fun. The bright and cheerful colors stimulate the eyes while the texture of the pieces help develop the tactile senses.  

Playing with the Tobbles Neo also helps kids develop their fine motor skills and coordination, it also helps develop their visual spatial acuity as well and their fine motor skills. The Tobbles Neo comes with six colorful weighted spheres and a stacking base. It is an ideal toy for kids from 6 months old and above. The Tobbles Neo is available at Fat Brain Toys for  $27. 

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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