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Timio Tech Toy

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Gadgets like tablets and smartphones have become the preferred toy for many kids of today. The more kids use it, the more they are likely to develop an addiction to such toys. Introducing kids to technology at an early age may not always be a good idea just for this very reason. There are alternative toys being developed like the Timio Tech Toy that will prevent kids from developing such addiction with gadgets.

The Timio Tech Toy introduces kids to modern technology in such a way that it will not develop into a gadget addiction later on. Studies show that the bright display screens on smart gadgets may be the primary reason why kids can easily be addicted to them through constant use. And to prevent this, the Timio Tech Toy is designed without a visual screen. It is designed as an audio-based toy. Instead of a screen, there are interchangeable magnetic discs that can attach to the base of the toy. It contains buttons with specific images that associate with certain audio cues. This helps kids develop a relationship between visual and audio cues that will help them learn. The toy can also help provide interaction by quizzing the kids from finding items.

The Timio Tech Toy comes with 20 different discs that provide kids with a wide range of fun and engaging audio content. These discs are also available in 5 different languages, catering to kids from all over the world. From music, stories, and building a kid’s vocabulary, the Timio Tech Toy can help kids benefit from modern technology as a means of learning without the risk of developing addiction to gadgets from extended use. The toy is tough enough to withstand the occasional drops yet ideal for soft hands as well.

The Timio Tech Toy is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. But its soothing lullabies can also be used for babies as they go to sleep. The Timio Tech Toy has completed a successful crowd funding campaign and is set to be available in the market by September of this year. Pre-orders are available at Indiegogo for around $85.
Image Source: Indiegogo

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