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Tilt And Swirl Painter

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Many kids love to create things. Some build using Legos and other building blocks while others try to paint or sculpt. The means they choose does not necessarily matter, just as long they stick to it and develop that interest. It may not always be instant, but kids can develop a liking to painting once they start finding it interesting. This Tilt and Swirl Painter can help by making this activity fun and unique.

The Tilt and Swirl Painter may look like a typical toy. But it is actually a creative tool for painting added with some fun and unique elements. Kids will not learn to paint using a paintbrush and canvas. With this toy, kids get to paint using a rolling foam balls. This square device comes with a lid that covers the entire painting area. Each corner comes with a cup where kids can squeeze in some colored paint. They can then drop a foam ball into each cup and close the lid shut. They slide open the cups and release the foam balls into the painting area. Now, the fun begins.

Kids can try to have the 4 colored foam balls run wild or they can do it one by one. Kids can also try to control where the foam balls go and try to create a painting uniquely theirs. With the Tilt and Swirl Painter, kids can become a little Jackson Pollock and create their own art masterpiece. The painting area can hold a blank paper sheet that becomes the kid’s canvas. The set also comes with 10 activity sheets in the form of different mazes that kids can try to complete using the foam balls.

The Tilt and Swirl Painter comes with the Tilt and Swirl tray, 4 foam balls, 4 30ml washable paint in different colors, 10 activity sheets and 10 blank paper sheets. Detailed instructions are included on how to use this creative toy. It helps develop their artistic side as well as help enhance their gross motor skills and coordination. The Tilt and Swirl Painter is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $33.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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