Thinkfun Laser Maze

Kids always love to play with toys that challenge their imagination. There are kids that really love toys that are unlike anything that they have played with. Such innovative toys do not really come often. But once they do, there are kids who immediately want to get their hands into them. Such toys like the Thinkfun Laser Maze that can provide this type of excitement.

Kids will love the type of play that Thinkfun Laser Maze can offer. It is a unique puzzle game that makes use of laser technology to provide the challenge. It requires a lot of brainpower and imagination to try and set the laser beam to get from one end to another in a number of mind-challenging mazes. The puzzle set comes with a game grid, eleven game tokens composed of 1 laser, 2 beam splitters, 1 mirror, 1 cell blocker, 5 target/mirror and 1 checkpoint. The set also comes with 60 challenge cards or puzzles that range from beginner to expert levels. The objective of the puzzle game is to create a pattern using the different game tokens and place them on the game grid in order to beam the laser from the starting to the end point. Kids who are fascinated playing with lights and lasers will surely love to play this unique puzzle game. It is designed for kids from 8 years old and above. The Thinkfun Lazer Maze is available at Amazon for $100.

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