The Space Ball Toy Helicopter

Remote control toy helicopters are fun to play with. But they can sometimes be hard to control, making them prone to bumps and damage. This makes them one of those toys that comes with a short lifespan. But for those who would still like to play with such toys, the Space Ball Toy Helicopter may help prolong the enjoyment with some added protection to its sensitive propellers when flying.

The Space Ball Toy Helicopter is developed by Japanese toy maker Kyosho Corp. This special toy helicopter comes with a spherical resin frame that protects the blades inside it. The spherical frame acts as a protector to the moving parts of the toy helicopter, allowing them to avoid direct impact when landing or when bumping into obstacles. The frame absorbs the impact and prevents the toy helicopter from being broken.

The Space Ball is controlled using infrared light. Its controls include gyro sensor, a coaxial main rotor and a propulsion rotor. The Space Ball always comes back to the right position when landing, making it ready to take off once again when needed. The Space Ball frame is around 200mm in diameter. Its controller also uses 6 AA alkaline batteries and can be used as a charger for the Space Ball. The Space Ball is now available at the Japanese market this week and is priced at 6,279 Japanese Yen or around US$80.

Image Source: TechOn