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The Sand Funnel

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Building sand castles takes some skill. Kids cannot just play with sand and expect to create great castles. Kids need to learn how to work with the material and its properties. And any kid will tell you that building the best sand castles is a matter of mixing the right proportion of sand and water. The Sand Funnel will ensure that kids get the right mixture of sand and water when building their sand castles.

The Sand Funnel is a unique contraption that allows kids to build drip sand castles. It comes with two compartments- one for sand and one for water. The solid and the liquid then mixes together at the tip to create wet sand ideal for building stable sand castles. Kids can also use the Sand Funnel to write on the sand with unique effect. The top handle makes it easy for kids to pour out the building material with better control. Kids will not feel frustrated trying to build their drip sand castles from top to bottom. With this handy tool, the kids will have fun and enjoy the company of the Sand Funnel as they go build the tallest sand castle they can make. The sand architects will likely appreciate having one to play with on the next visit at the beach. The Sand Funnel is available at Uncommon Goods for around $10.

Image Source: Uncommon Goods

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