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The Puzzling Professors’ Puzzle – Fossil

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Puzzles help sharpen a child’s developing mind. It helps kids learn how to find creative ways to solve puzzles, which in turn, can also be applied to solving life problems later on. But what is more important is that kids should learn how to find solving puzzles fun. This will help them look for more puzzles to solve, thereby helping develop their mind further. Puzzles like the Puzzling Professors’ Puzzle – Fossil can help challenge kids for hours and hours.

The Puzzling Professors’ Puzzle – Fossil is an intriguing looking puzzle that can be a challenge for both the young and old alike. This puzzle is so named because it resembles a fossilized dinosaur’s vertebra. As unique as this puzzle looks, it is even more intriguing to solve. The 9-piece puzzle comes with interlocking pieces that can be quite a challenge to put together.

The Puzzling Professors’ Puzzle – Fossil with its wooden interlocking pieces will help teach kids how to think three-dimensionally in trying to solve the puzzle. It helps develop visual-spatial skills as well as strategy building and improve a child’s fine motor skills. If ever one gets stumped solving the puzzle, the solution and instructions on how to reassemble it is available online. The Puzzling Professors’ Puzzle – Fossil is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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