The Linear Liner

Many kids are still fascinated by toy trains. Most toy models we see come in the classic coal powered trains that were the main mode of transport during the 1800’s and the early 1900’s. But in Japan, they seem to take their toy trains seriously. The Land of the Rising Sun is also known for its bullet trains among other things. It is no surprising therefore that they also make toy trains like the Linear Liner that works just like the real one. This toy bullet train also floats on magnets.

The Linear Liner from Takara Tomy works on the exact engineering principles that make Japan’s actual bullet trains work. The toy bullet train floats on magnets embedded inside the plastic tracks. The Linear Liner is able to float about 2 mm from its tracks. With so little friction, this toy train is able to achieve scale speeds comparable to that of a train running at 300 mph. For its size, it runs at 5 mph, quite fast for a toy train. It is fascinating to watch a toy train moving at that speed. It is even more fascinating to know that this toy train has no wheels and floats on air. The Takara Tomy Linear Liner toy train requires ten AA batteries in its charging base in order to work. It is expected to be available in Japan sometime this September. This train set is expected to cost somewhere around $305.

Image Source: Takara Tomy

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