The Game Of Things

There are games meant to let your competitive juices out. That , in itself , is not bad. But sometimes, too much competitiveness among friends can prevent them from enjoying or having fun. There are also certain games that are meant to be fun and even hilarious, just to create some good atmosphere among friends or family. The Game of Things is just one good example.

The Game of Things is part guessing game and part laugh trip. It involves getting a topic and writing down a response. Players then plays this hilarious guess-who-said-it game. If a player guesses another player’s response correctly, he or she wins a point.

By looking at it, the Game of Things may feel just like a pretty straightforward game. But the topics may be something that brings on the fun. The continuous crazy and hilarious responses will bring out the laughs anytime. After all the laughs, gaining points only becomes secondary.

With the Game of Things, friends and family will always have a wonderful and fun game to play. The set comes with 300 topic cards, a response pad, score pad and 8 pencils. The topics are designed to elicit hilarious responses. The game is ideal for kids from 14 years old and above. When playing with younger kids, adults can remove certain topics some kids may not understand. The Game of Things is available at Fat Brain Toys for $36.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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