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The Game of Life: zAPPed Edition for iPad

by admin

An iconic and memorable board game is giving itself a tech twist! The Game of Life by Hasbro has a new edition that requires an iPad to play.

Titled “The Game of Life: zAPPed Edition,” it allows players to play the iPad and the gameboard together for an interactive family bonding. The game’s iPad app, which can be downloaded for free, is needed for a much deeper gaming level with over 100 amusing clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos. The app also allows players to customize their peg character and add a “peg-sessory.”

The game stays true to its original objective: moving your car around the board and selecting your path to retirement, all which paying, getting paid, and being sued by other players in the process.

The set includes a game board, four car movers, 52 pegs, a money pack, four rubber pads, and a quick start guide. Of course, the iPad is sold separately.

Ideal for people age 8 and up, The Game of Life: zAPPed Edition is available on Amazon for a listed price of $24.99.

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