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The French Chicken Trolley

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Many kids love to role play being the cook. They imagine trying to create food mommy usually prepares for them. It helps to give them a toy set that will help them put their imagination to work. The French Chicken Trolley will help them do just that.

The French Chicken Trolley is a unique rolling trolley that comes with a kitchen play set for kids to imagine being a cook once in a while. This trolley is made of strong and durable wood and can roll silently via its rubber-lined wheels when kids push it. Toddlers can start to try standing up using the French Chicken Trolley and even help them build their legs for walking eventually. But more than that, kids will have a fun time trying to cook up a batch of tasty food.

The French Chicken Trolley comes with a mini-stove as well as a mini-oven. Three handy utensils help kids cook up a fried egg on the stove top. They can also pretend adjusting the heat with the two clicking dials. Kids can also try to cook up a chicken casserole by putting ingredients they need inside the lidded pot. The oven comes with a split shelf where kids can place the utensils for baking and even store them afterwards. The utensils are also magnetic so they can conveniently attach to the side of the trolley.

The French Chicken Trolley is ideal for kids from a year old and up. It can help encourage kids to develop their gross motor skills as well as help them engage in active and imaginative play. Getting the French Chicken Trolley may initially require assembly. Instructions and the tools needed are included with the set. The French Chicken Trolley is available at Fat Brain Toys for $95.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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