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The Calm Coloring Book

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Many young kids love to color. But that does not necessarily mean that the older you get the less interest you will have in coloring books. Many kids still bring along with them that love to add color to otherwise black and white images and bring it to life. This activity is not just fun but can also be calming and relaxing. That is what the Calm Coloring Book aims to do.

The Calm Coloring Book is not just any ordinary color activity for the kids. It is filled with pages upon pages of flora and fauna designed to help make kids calm, relax and be in quiet contemplation as they also have fun doing the coloring activity. Repeating patterns help maintain that aura of peace along with landscape pages to color. The pages are single sided for convenience. Kids can also use any color-creating instrument such as color pens, color pencils, or even paints. Each page is designed so that the colors will not bleed through when you use it to color the different pictures in a meditative state.

This Calm Coloring Book is just as ideal for kids 9 years old as it can be a relaxing activity for adults to do as well. Kids are not the only ones who need to find some fun activity to do to relieve stress. Some stressed out parents may also find it relaxing to do. And who said coloring books are just for kids? The Calm Coloring Book is available at Fat Brain Toys for $8.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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