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The Bandai SmartPet

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Robotic pets may just become the next thing in store for people who love entertaining such an idea. While live pets may be more ideal, others prefer those electronic ones since they require less care than the usual. And if people like to have pets in order to be entertained, then this Bandai SmartPet may just be able to provide that.

The Bandai SmartPet is a simple robot dog that uses an Apple iPhone as its brain. Upon downloading an app on the smartphone, it can be attached to the robot dog where it becomes the pet’s virtual face. The SmartPet can react to a person’s touch of the phone’s screen by displaying around 100 facial expressions. The SmartPet can also react to a person’s voice commands as well as movements. The SmartPet from Bandai can be an engaging pet that an iPhone owner may prefer if he or she does not like the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. The Bandai SmartPet is expected to arrive in the Japanese market by the end of April. It is expected to cost around 6,500 Japanese Yen or around US$80.

Image Source: Bandai

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