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The Aquacopter

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It can be fascinating to watch remote controlled helicopters flying around. Unfortunately, most of them only do best when they are in the air. In any body of water, then that is another matter altogether. Even kids love toys that can be versatile. This new Aquacopter is versatile enough that it can both fly in the air and even close to the water.

The Aquacopter is a remote control helicopter that is not afraid to be in the water. Some RC helicopters are not designed this way so they are always better off somewhere on dry land. But the Aquacopter is different. It comes with a waterproof body that allows it to fly safely into water or along its surface. It will just float when being steadied in the water. A flick of its throttle will lift the helicopter back into the air to fly once again.

The Aquacopter comes with built-in gyroscopic stabilizers to ensure that it flies smoothly even when novice pilots are at the controls. Its horizontal tail rotor features two main rotors that rotate in opposite directions in order to keep the helicopter balanced. The infrared digital three-channel remote control allows for interference free and line-of-sight control. It comes with three flight speed options. Its durable metal body can withstand turbulent landings. The built-in rechargeable battery is good for up to 8 minutes of flight time. A 40-minute charge via a USB cable will provide a full charge. Users can charge it via a USB from a computer or via its remote control, which requires six AA batteries to power on. The Aquacopter is ideal for kids from 14 years old and above. It is available at the SkyMall for $70.

Image Source: SkyMall

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