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Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus

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Kids like to learn about things if they find it fun and enjoyable. There are also kids who are fascinated with science and what goes on around them. It is even quite frustrating that some kids ask questions that we parents cannot give an answer to. Take solar power for example. Parents can explain it but then again, cannot explain it fully for most kids to understand. It is good that there are toy sets like the Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus that will help explain things by letting kids learn and discover it by themselves.

The Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus is a toy set that teaches kids the many uses of solar power. This toy set can help kids discover how solar cells generate electricity. It will also help them build several solar-powered projects that they can be proud of. The different parts in the toy set allows kids to build and assemble 22 solar-powered models, from a scooter, locomotive, solar-wind sail car, cement mixer, helicopter, twin-prop airplane and many others.

The Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus comes with two special solar panels consisting of three solar cells. When put together, the solar panels can generate enough electricity from the sun equivalent to two AA batteries. Two unique cradles hold to the solar panels that can also hold AA batteries, to provide kids with power alternatives for their projects.

The Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus also comes with a 48-page color instruction manual that provides kids with step-by-step guides in assembling 22 models as projects. This kit also teaches kids the basic concepts of solar energy, photovoltaics and electrical circuits. It also helps develop problem solving skills and creative thinking in kids. There are a total of 265 building pieces that kids can use to build the solar-powered models. These are also compatible with other Thames and Kosmos construction kits. The Thames and Kosmos Solar Power Plus is designed for kids from 8 years old and above. This solar power construction kit is available at Thames and Kosmos for $90.

Image Source: Thames and Kosmos

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