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Techno Source Codee Gator

by dennis

While some toys are designed mainly for fun, there are also some that are designed to be educational as well. Some toys help kids learn and hone their developing skills in puzzle and problem solving. Toys such as the Techno Source Codee Gator help kids learn how to create something using codes and in a very fun way.

The Techno Source Codee Gator is a puzzle toy composed of flexible, linked blocks that can be twisted in any shape. The Codee Gator can be twisted, turned and created into a gator using and following simple code. Each link comes with letters on each side and with the links chronologically numbered. Kids can then follow a certain code by twisting and turning the links so that they are positioned according to the code. Kids can also create their own shapes which can then be coded for other kids to follow and recreate. The Techno Source Codee Gator is available at Toys R’ Us for US$8.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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