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Target Toss Up Board Game

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With computer games, tablets or smartphones, it is easy for kids to stay just in one place to play games. While it may seem like a good way to keep kids from causing trouble around the house, it is not a healthy way to play. Lack of activity can cause kids to feel lazy and become less active as they grow up. It can further lead to developing unhealthy habits that result in obesity and other conditions associated with it. Giving the kids toys like the Target Toss Up Board Game that promotes some physical activity can help prevent this from happening.

The Target Toss Up play set is a good way to keep the kids active while having fun playing games. The play set is composed of a sturdy wooden frame with a target board made out of cloth and Velcro-like swatches on the corners. There is also a netted pocket in the middle. It also comes with three colorful toss bags that kids can toss into the target board. The colored swatches have their corresponding points when kids hit them. Let the toss bags stick to the green swatches and you get 20 points. Hit the yellow swatches and the player gets 30 points. But if the toss bag goes into the netted pocket in the middle, the player gets 50 points.

The Target Toss Up Board Game comes with very easy rules to understand. Kids can even revise them to make the game even more challenging. One good thing about this game is that it helps promote some physical activity among the kids playing. They can either play with it indoors inside a room or outdoors with plenty of space and distance to place the target board. It helps develop gross motor skills as well as develop their judgment and math skills as well. The Target Toss Up Board Game is an ideal toy for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $28.

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