Tape-a-Doodle Animal Prints Pack

Many kids love to play with their creative side. Toys that help boost this part of their personality requires regular practice. Without it, their creativity suffers. Toys that help enhance their creative side may be a good investment for parents on account of their kids. There are lots of toys available nowadays in the market. For kids who love creating works of art, this Tape-a-Doodle Animal Prints Pack will help give them play with their creativity.

The Tape-a-Doodle Animal Prints Pack is a set of artsy trendy tape that comes with animal print designs. There are tapes that come with orange giraffe stripes, pink leopard spots, and turquoise zebra print. These patterns can help kids use their creativity to decorate a picture, a scrapbook page, notebooks and more. The creativity options are endless.

The Tape-a-Doodle Animal Prints come in separate handy tape dispensers that make it easy for kids to use. All they need to do is pull off the dispenser cap, press, and roll the tape. Kids can use the tape to draw pictures or add colorful patterns to their art projects. It is a tool that can help encourage creativity in kids as well as develop their taste in art and self-expression. The Tape-a-Doodle Animal Prints Pack comes in sets of three’s, with each one providing up to 57 feet or trendy tape. The Tape-a-Doodle Animal Prints Pack is ideal for kids from 7 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $10.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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