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Tangram Travel Puzzle Set

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Kids are quite creative in finding different ways to kill time when they are bored. There are kids who like to spend their time enjoying role-playing games with friends. Some prefer spending their time solving puzzles. Going on a long trip usually gives children all the time to do both. For kids who love to play with puzzles while going on a trip, this Tangram Travel Puzzle Set will always come in handy.

The Tangram Travel Puzzle Set is a good puzzle game to have during long trips with a lot of downtime in between. Kids who love puzzles will love playing with this puzzle set composed of seven foam puzzle pieces composed of different shapes. The set also comes with fifteen double-sided cards that contain images that players can try to recreate on a sturdy wooden tray using the available puzzle pieces. If a particular puzzle seems too difficult to recreate, kids just need to flip the puzzle card to get the solution. But the challenge of the game is trying to solve the puzzle on your own, so no cheating by looking at the solution before solving the puzzle.

With the Tangram Travel Puzzle Set, kids can learn how to create a house, a dog or a cat using the puzzle pieces. Kids can even become more creative and create images of their own using the puzzle pieces. This simple puzzle toy can provide kids with hours and hours of challenges to accomplish. That will be quite a great way to spend all that time traveling on the road without getting bored. The Tangram Travel Set comes in a travel storage box with a handle. Ideal for kids from 3 years old and above, the Tangram Travel Puzzle Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

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