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Talking Angela Android App

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Even elementary kid girls can sometimes feel bored and need something to do to spend the time away. They need something to fill their spare time with. Most of the time nowadays, they have their tablets and other portable gadgets for this. For kids today, having something like the Talking Angela Android app may be a good option to have around when there is little to do. It provides kids with a virtual adventure that they can play with a unique character to interact with.

The Talking Angela Android app features a cat named Angela. This unique cat roams through the city of Paris. Kids can talk back to Angela and she can answer back at them. Kids can also chat up with Angela using text messages and she will answer to them as well. It is always fun when kids try to strike up a conversation with a talking cat.

Kids can also pet Angela to make her happy using their touchscreen device. Kids can also communicate with Angela using their face gestures and she will recognize whether you are smiling or even showing your tongue. But this may require a high-end device with a front facing camera. The girls can even buy her presents and accessories as well as choose her wardrobe for the night. Angela can even read your fortune cookie for you. Kids can talk with her about a lot of subjects, from love, hobbies, travel to even other pets. There are also challenging trivia quizzes for kids to answer in the app. In short, there are a lot of activities available for kids while playing with the Talking Angela Android app. It is available at the Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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