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Takara Tomy Yababa Starter Bike

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When it comes to toys, my boys usually look for some excitement. They like to play activity toys with action and fun. They also sometimes like a bit of competition to see who is good at what. But I like to keep the competition manageable and not go out of hand. And when I came upon the Yababa Starter Bike from Takara Tomy, I think that it might be a good toy for active kids who also like a bit of competition.

The Takara Tomy Yababa Starter Bike is not what you might think it is. It is not a bicycle that your kids can use to learn how to bike or speed up on the road. This toy set is actually a small handheld, futuristic looking bike. It comes with a launcher that boosts up its speed to make it go fast. When set on the launcher, kids can select from three speed choices before letting the bike blast off and go.

Kids can play different games with the Yababa Starter Bike. They can race each other on a straight line to see who gets to the finish line first. They can also use the speedsters to hit targets from a distance. The toy set comes with a ramp that the kids can use to make the bike go up in the air and fly. Kids can use this to see who can hit a certain target at the other end.  Kids can have some healthy and fun competition with each other while playing with the Yababa Starter Bike. The toy set comes with a bike and a launcher, two ramps and four targets. It is available at the Japan Trend Shop for US$35.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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