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Taco Takeover Game

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Kids love to play with unique games. It helps keep their interest up, knowing that it is a game they haven’t played before. While there can be table games out there that are a lot similar to each other, there are also others that can capture a child’s imagination with a unique way of gaming fun. A table game like Taco Takeover will certainly be something most kids will try to learn.

Taco Takeover is a unique table game that many kids may not have heard of yet. That is because it may be the only game of its kind to date. Taco Takeover is all about trying to create your own taco based on the ingredients written on a drawn order card. Players start with having a faux-taco shell in hand. Toppings cards are then shuffled in the middle of the table face down. Each player then takes an order card for a list of different toppings to add to their tacos. Once this is done, it is off they go!

The players rush to snatch a toppings card from the table to accomplish their order card. Players should also be careful about certain wild cards in the deck. Picking a cockroach card can contaminate a player’s taco, causing him or her to dump the assembled toppings and start all over again. An antacid card can be used on others to let them dump their ingredients back to start over. The player who is able to assemble their ordered taco wins the game.

Taco Takeover appeals to kids because it comes with simple rules and a unique game play. Rushing to quickly make a taco is something kids may not have played yet. It is an exciting game that kids as young as 6 years old can play. It comes with 4 plastic taco shells, 75 topping cards, 20 order tickets and a drawstring storage bag. The Taco Takeover game is available at Amazon for $18.

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