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Superfight! Card Game

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Kids are always imagining about epic battles of the different characters they know. Kids will imagine putting one superhero character against another and argue as to who will win the fight. Such things can lead to interesting arguments and funny stuff. If your kids and their friends like to imagine such things as part of games with friends or other family members, then the Superfight! Card Game will come in handy as a fun indoor activity.

The Superfight! Card Game set offers a way for kids to imagine battle situations between different characters and who will possibly win. But this time, it may not always be the superheroes against another. The characters in the Superfight! can be quite serious as well as funny. The Superfight! Card Game set contains character cards and separate good/bad attributes cards. Players pick a character out of the card as well as two or more of their attributes. Mind you, the combinations are endless and may border from the downright interesting to the hilariously funny. But the main goal is to try and defeat another player based on their own characters and attributes. There should be a judge while playing the game to determine who the winner on the battles will be. There will be a lot of convincing and funny arguments between pitted players. The player who did the best pitch wins, along with convincing the game judge.

The Superfight! Card Game contains 170 character cards, 330 power/problem cards and accompanied with game instructions. There are also expansion packs available to boost up gameplay such as adding scenarios, more characters, more powerful or hilariously funny attributes. The Superfight! Card Game set is available at Think Geek for $25 for the Core Game Pack. Expansion cards are also available as well.

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