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Super Spiral Play Tower

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Parents would rather choose kids to be playing and having fun than crying all day. Keeping them occupied with different fun activities can help them enjoy and keep some peace around the house. Activity toys like the Super Spiral Play Tower can help parents in this area when it comes to keeping kids busy having fun.

The Super Spiral Play Tower offers kids with lots of activities while at play. It features a spiral tower where toddlers can place and watch different objects spiral down. Kids can use two colorful balls, a frog and a penguin to roll and move through the spiral tower. At the bottom of the tower, the objects separate into three different tracks- straight, zigzag and stairs. The balls also roll while making rattling sounds, thanks to the beads inside them. The penguin rolls on ball bearings while the frog slides down the center of the tower in a plastic tube making a whistling sound as kids press the yellow button at the base. Kids can then do it all over again.

The Super Spiral Play Tower is not just a fun toy for kids to play with. It also helps them develop certain skills. Playing with this toy encourages cause and effect learning and also develops fine motor skills in kids. It is ideal for developing kids 1.5 years old and above. The Super Spiral Play Tower is available at Fat Brain Toys for $40.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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