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Super Spiral Build-A-Road Set

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Kids love building things. That is why building sets appeal to a lot of them. But then again, it will depend on what building sets can interest kids. There are building blocks of different kinds that can spur creativity and imagination in a lot of ways. For this Super Spiral Build-A-Road set, its building roads and racetracks.

The Super Spiral Build-A-Road set allows kids to build different types of race courses that they can also try out with two cars included in the set. There are over 300 pieces that the kids can work with to build interesting race tracks. This translates to over 17 feet of interchangeable, flexible track. There is also a spiral garage with turnaround, a bumpy bridge, a direction changer and a circle of flames stunt that kids can play around with.

The Super Spiral Build-A-Road set requires no tools in order for the kids to assemble. The included cars are battery operated, requiring 2 AA batteries. The Super Spiral Build-A-Road set is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $50.

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