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Super Spark Interactive Dog

by dennis

Kids learn to become more social and friendly as they grow and develop. As they learn to talk and move around, they start learning about interacting with other people aside from their parents. But the journey toward becoming more socially experienced starts with how kids learn to interact at home. If parents wish to develop this trait in kids early on, having toys around like the Super Spark Interactive Dog can help steer kids into growing in the right direction.

The Super Spark Interactive Dog is a unique toy that kids may find enjoyable. Kids can learn to interact with Spark, the cute looking dog that sings, tells jokes and even responds to questions. Spark can answer over 10 common questions with around 30 different answers that make any interaction with the toy dog quite interesting.

Kids can learn to strike up a conversation with Super Spark the Interactive Dog and develop their social interaction skills with practice at an early age. Designed for kids age 3 years old and above, having Super Spark around will surely make kids feel that they always have a friend that they can talk to. They would surely not feel lonely. The Super Spark Interactive Dog is available at First Street for US$30.

Image Source: Super Spark

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