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Super Moon In My Room

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Many kids are fascinated by the moon. Whenever they gaze at it at night before going to sleep, it gives birth to dreams of becoming an astronaut and imagining as trip to this lunar landscape. Make their moon gazing even more reachable by giving them this Super Moon In My Room night light.

The Super Moon In My Room is not just any typical night light. It is designed just like a real moon inside a kid’s room. It comes with accurate craters and lunar geological details that makes it look real. It features a lunar clock that can function as a unique night light that matches the actual phases of the real moon. Kids can also use it in manual mode as well. The Super Moon In My Room can also make a variety of lunar sounds and effects that will make the experience for kids even more fascinating. The Super Moon In My Room is available at Fat Brain Toys for $47.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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