Super Genius First Words Card Game

Word games are not always that interesting to many kids. All it takes is having the right toys and tools to make it interesting for them. Games associating words with images can be fun though. The Super Genius First Words card game may be a good tool to help make learning words fun.

The Super Genius First Words is a card set where kids can try to associate words with pictures. The set comes with either picture cards and word cards. Any two cards only have a single match from the deck, whether they are a pair of picture cards, word cards or one of each. One game will get kids to try and match the cards with one from the deck. Kids will learn how to recognize words and image association and recognition. Recognizing the word is the first step for the kids to learn how to read and even write.

The Super Genius First Words card game comes with a deck of 62 cards. Illustrated rules are also included to serve as a guide on how games are played. This card set will help kids develop quick thinking, hone their visual perception and enhance their reading skills and matching ability. The card set is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above, just the right time where they start to learn reading and comprehension. The Super Genius First Words is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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