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Super Fun Bubble Wand Assortment

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Bubbles are mesmerizing. It never fails to make children smile [both the small ones and the overgrown ones]. That’s why I bring bubble wands with me whenever we go out for family vacations. The 12-piece Plastic Super Fun Bubble Wand Assortment is small, easy to pack and is loads of fun!

It’s fun, not just for my kids but for the playmates they’d meet. After blowing a few bubbles, we’d all make a game out of it. One of the games, which is perfect for kids 3 – 5 years, is to count how many bubbles you’ve popped. This makes them run and jump after the bubbles that get flown in the wind. The kid that pops the most number of bubbles wins!

Once they’re tired, I’d give them wands each and the goal would be to blow the most number of bubbles. The kid that blows the most number of bubbles after a certain amount of tries, wins! Of course you will always hear them say, “let’s do it 2 out of 3”, then “4 out of 5 tries”, then “9 out of 10 tries”. After that it’s time to do the last bubble wand game.

The last bubble wand game is to blow the biggest bubble. Whoever blows the biggest bubble wins of course. By the time the kids are done showing off, you’ll realize that 4 – 5 hours have passed and everybody would be ready for a snack!

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