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Sun Art Deluxe Kit

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Discovering art helps kids develop their creativity and imagination. It also helps kids find fun doing things with their hands. Different art kits provide different ways for kids to appreciate art. With this Sun Art Deluxe Kit, kids will be able to use the help of sunlight to create interesting art.

The Sun Art Deluxe Kit comes with clip art shapes you can cut out, foam letters and a set of sun paper that darkens when exposed to sunlight. Kids can try using the clip art shapes along with the letters and any other objects found around the home to create their art composition. Kids simply place the objects on top of the sun paper. Put all of them out in the sun and the sun paper begins to go darker minute after minute. The objects keep the covered spots from changing. Once the ideal dark shade is achieved, kids can then take the sun paper out and rinse it in cold water for about a minute to make the artwork stay in its finished form.

Kids can also use the acrylic sheet to create images and drawings using a dry erase marker. They can then set it on top of the sun paper to transfer the images under sunlight. Kids can also experiment with different combinations and exposures to sunlight to capture the images they like. The Sun Art Deluxe Kit comes with 15 sheets of Sun Art paper, 3-inch sheets of decorative clip arts, two bags of 39 foam letters and 2 dry erase markers. Try to keep the sun paper away from direct sunlight prior to use. The Sun Art Deluxe Kit is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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