Many kids look for advanced toys as they grow. Other kids would move on to building kits and try for toys that they can build themselves. For kids who love both building as well as moving toys, the new SumoBot kit.

The SumoBot allows kids to assemble and build their own robot. This mobile robot mechanically senses the edge of a table and can instantly change direction and prevent it from falling over. Once the SumoBot’s front wheels drops off the table, its perpendicular wheels land on the table surface and rotates the robot to go in the other direction. The robot also comes with claws that push anything in its way.

The SumoBot building kit comes with all the parts needed in order to build it. The kit includes the claws, base, upper body, front and rear windows, balancing weight, battery compartment, the motor unit with the wheels, and screws. All you need to get is a small screwdriver that you will need to assemble the entire robot. An illustrated list of instructions is also included to help guide the kids in building the SumoBot.

The SumoBot is a good way for kids to learn and develop their building skills. Not only that, this kit can also help develop their fine motor skills as well as their spatial reasoning, logical and engineering skills. The SumoBot building kit is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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