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Study: Kids Play With Tablets More Than Toys

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Are you wondering what toy you wish to buy your kids? With many new toys to choose from, you surely have your task becoming more and more difficult. But there is a simpler option for you to buy something that your kids will love. And it is backed by recent research. It seems that more and more kids prefer to play with tablets nowadays than actual toys.

According to research conducted by the Michael Cohen Group, touch screen devices such as tablets and smartphones have the primary means of play for many kids today. The said research, which looked into the world of digital kids, indicated that more than 60 percent of parents with kids aged 12 years old and under say that their kids play on touch screen devices “often”. About 38 percent play the devices “very often.” Dolls and action figures come in second. Game consoles come in at a distant fifth.

In addition, the research states that in households with the kids having access to smart phones, around 36 percent have their own device. This gives touch screen devices the potential of becoming an educational tool. But primarily, kids 12 years old and under use the devices to play games. Learning only becomes secondary. But among the games that most kids play, educational games come in first.

With the kids shifting towards high tech touch screen devices, conventional toys may no longer that appealing to most kids since tablets and smart phones seem to be more versatile as a play device. But there seems to be a bit of confusion whether to consider such devices as “toys” per se. About 32 percent of parents never consider tablets and smartphones as a “toy.” Only 10 percent of the respondents consider it as such.

Source: MCG

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