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Story Lines Children’s Book

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I really try to help my kids develop many of their skill early. It is important for me that they have the tools available for this. Harnessing their creative energy is one thing that I always like to focus on. That is why I always look for way to help them develop their creativity in a fun and unique way. I just happen to look into this Story Lines series of children’s books that might just help.

The Story Lines series is not just an ordinary children’s book. Each title is a well-designed hardbound book. What makes them different is that they are not illustrated. The books only come with lighthearted stories that kids will like reading. It is up to the kids to provide the illustration for them. Story Lines children’s books aim to develop a kid’s imagination, creativity as well as pre-reading skills. Kids can design and draw the cover image as well as the illustrations on the different pages, limited only by their imagination. There is a blank page for each of the book’s 23 pages. The story text provide the kids with the seed for an idea what to draw.

Story Lines children’s books come with five titles- “Grandma is a Superhero”, “I Can Fly?”, “Our Crazy Dinner”, “Rainbow Kitty Saves the Day” and “No Birthday Cake for Me.” Each book contains stories that will help stimulate the kid’s imagination and let them translate their creativity into art and drawn images. The Story Lines series of children’s books is available at Fat Brain Toys for US$10 each.

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