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Stomp Rocket Ultra

by admin

Your kids are more excited when they get to play games outdoors. There are many toys that fit the bill, but Stomp Rocket Ultra by D+L Company can top the list and then some.

The children can install Stomp Rocket Ultra with ease, after which they can stomp the rig to send the foam-tipped rocket flying up to 200 feet high. The toy does not use batteries, propellant, or other harmful chemicals, just compressed air created by the stomping action. The Stomp Rocket Ultra can be used to teach basic physical principles like trajectory, projection, force, and motion.

Ideal for kids ages 8 and above, the Stomp Rocket Ultra is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $19.99. The package comes with four foam-tipped rockets, a launch pad, hose, and a stand.

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