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Steam Park Board Game

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Some people may think that teaching kids about business and management may be reserved for when they are older. But it is wise to teach kids business and management concepts early so that they are able to grasp and develop these ideas as they grow. But the problem is always how to make it interesting enough for kids to absorb and grasp. Well, kids will find it fun to learn when they play with the Steam Park Board Game.

The Steam Park Board Game is a unique game where players get to become owners of a fantastic steam theme park with different gigantic coal-powered rides. Players try to build an amusement park and try to make it the best and the most profitable in the region. Although easy to learn, this board game takes strategy and good decision making to win. The board game comes with 18 rides to set up, 20 stands to attract visitors, 42 visitors pawns, 34 bonus cards, 4 starting grounds, 20 additional grounds, 84 banknotes tokens, 48 dirt tokens, 24 dice, 4 turn order tokens and more. The different contents are used during the game to build the rides on your steam park.

The Steam Park Board Game is a fun management game that kids will find enjoyable to play with. They get to become savvy businessmen to build the best amusement park. It will involve making great strategies and making fast decisions to run the Steam Park. This board game is ideal for 2 to 4 players for kids from age 10 years old and above. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $55.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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