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Stackin’ Sounds Animals

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It is important for toddlers to grow and develop skills as early as possible. Activities can help a lot in making kids become stronger and grow. Playtime is therefore, important towards a child’s development, especially when there are toys like the Stackin’ Sounds Animals to play around with.

The Stackin’ Sounds Animals is a good toy for toddlers beginning to learn more about their surroundings and their own selves. It features three cute and colorful animal friends- an elephant, a hippo and a crocodile. Each animal comes in different colors and makes a unique rattle or jingle sound when babies hold and shake them. Toddlers can then learn how to stack up the three animals, developing their fine motor skills. The animals may have different shapes, but they can be stacked up any which way. There is no wrong way of stacking them. This can help build up a kid’s confidence in honing problem solving skills early on. Each toy is just the right size for small hands to grasp.

The Stackin’ Sounds Animals can be a great companion for toddlers at play. It helps them develop the skills that they will need to grow up better, stronger and wiser. This toy is designed for kids from 6 months to 3 years old. It is available at Fisher Price for $8.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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