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Spray ‘n Play Bath Toy

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The only way that you can convince toddlers to take a bath is by making it fun. Instead of the usual shower, scrub, rinse and dry routine, parents can make bath time a fun and enjoyable activity for kids by thinking of it as playtime. And when playing, kids will need some toys for the bathtub. The Spray ‘n Play Bath Toy may just be the thing you are looking for.

The Spray ‘n Play Bath Toy a floating island bath toy that comes with squirting animals. Kids can learn to place the crab, whale and turtle into the floating island. Kids can learn to stack them one on top of another while fitting them into the island. The center island is the home of the whale and the squirt button. Press the blue button with the whale on the island and a single spray of water comes out. If kids stack the crab on top of the whale and push the blue button, water sprays from four directions from the four top holes on the crab. The fountain of water created can make many toddlers squeal in delight.

The lime green turtle comes with a spinning water wheel on top that makes water go around and around as it moves. Three smaller islands connect to the larger center island. This makes it interesting enough for toddlers to play with while taking a bath. The Spray ‘n Play Bath Toy needs three AA batteries in order to function. It is an ideal toy to have during bath time for kids from a year old and above. The Spray ‘n Play Bath Toy is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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