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Spot It! On The Road

by dennis

Trying to entertain the kids while on the road is always chore. It becomes an even bigger challenge when going on very long road trips with the kids. It always is a good idea to have something ready to keep them occupied during the long trip. Having toys and game boards will help a lot. Parents can really make use of this new Spot It! On The Road game on that next road trip with the kids.

The Spot It! On The Road game is somewhat an outdoor version of the popular Spot It! Matching symbol game. In the new version of this game, kids are dealt with cards that contain images and symbols that can usually be encountered during road trips. The point of the game is to have the kids match the symbols on a certain card to the actual objects that they may encounter during their trip.

The Spot It! On The Road helps keep the kids well occupied playing it while on the road. The fact that it allows the kids to become more observant of what is around them may help a lot in preventing them from becoming bored, especially on a long road trip. The game can be played by 2 to 8 players from ages 7 years old and up. A game usually lasts 15 minutes. The Spot It! On The Road is expected to be available at Blue Orange Games sometime in May and is expected to cost US$13.

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