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Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket

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Summer season is fast approaching. Kids expect to be having more fun at the beach or at the pool to cool off in the summer heat. For those who cannot, there are other ways to cool off during the summer. One of them is by playing in the backyard with the Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket.

The Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket is an interesting way for kids to cool off in the summer heat. It is a garden hose powered rocket that can blast off into the air up to 30 feet high. Kids only need to attach the stomp pad of the rocket into a garden hose. Kids then turn on the water then stomp on the pad to launch the rocket. But the rocket does more than just soar into the sky.

As the Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket launches, it brings along a spray of water as it goes up. The water then falls into a splash towards the kids underneath, providing a unique way to cool off. Kids can set up the rocket all over again and get ready for the next splash when the rocket blasts off. The Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket comes with a rocket, launch tube, launch pad, a stomp pad and a connecting hose. It will require a working garden hose to put the rocket up in the air.

The Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket can provide kids with some outdoor water fun. It is ideal for backyard activities. Playing with the rocket helps encourage interaction among kids and also help kids become more aware of visual cause and effect. The Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket is designed for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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