Spill and Spell Roll Call

Spill and Spell Roll Call Game

While parents may find it hard to teach their kids how to spell at an early age, there are others who do not find it that hard at all. The key is to try making the process fun and enjoyable for kids. This Spill and Spell Roll Call Game will definitely make the learning activity fun for the kids.

The Spill and Spell Roll Call Game offers kids a spelling challenge and more. The game comes with both letter and category dice put together in a dice cup. The objective of the game is to spill both the letter and the category dice on the table. Players race with time to spell words and match them with categories they find on the mix of dice on the table. Categories include thing, person, adjective, action, wild (any word) and 5+, which is a category for words with five or more letters.

When the dice are spilled on the table, players try to create words from the letters they see and then race against each other to snatch a matching category die. Each category die counts as one point except for the 5+ die, which goes for two points. Players can race to get the most points in a span of one minute. They then tally their scores and start another round of spilling the dice and spelling. The first player to reach 20 points wins the game.

The Spill and Spell Roll Call Game allows kids to practice their spelling skills while playing a game. It also helps them become a quick thinker and also develops their categorization skills. The game set comes with 22 letter dice, 7 category dice, a score pad, pencil and a dice cup that also acts as the storage container for the game set. The Spill and Spell Roll Call Game is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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