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Sphero 2B Smartphone Controlled Robot

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It has so far been robots galore in various toy fairs held this year. They all seem to offer something new and unique, something that will just further advance the love and appeal of robotics even for kids. One of the new ones also introduced is the Sphero 2B Smartphone Controlled Robot.

The Sphero 2B may not look like your typical robot. Some may even consider it just a racing toy. It looks like tube with wheels that can go around and around. But it is definitely fast for its size as it can go at 14ft per second, just as fast as how humans run. Users can control the Sphero 2B using an iOS or Android device. Just download an app and connect the device with the Sphero 2B using Bluetooth. The interface on the app will allow users to then control the robot by turning the steering wheel towards any direction. The robot is highly responsive to each turn, making control instant. But there is more to the Sphero 2B than just playing racing games.

The Sphero 2B also allow customizations as the runner wheels are interchangeable. There are three wheel options available for the Sphero 2B to conquer different terrains. Users can also change the color of the lighted logo on the robot using the app. Hubcaps and other accessories will also be available for further customization. Users can also play other games using the Sphero 2B. Built-in infrared technology into the robot allow Sphero 2B owners to play against each other. Shooting games is possible with the technology and will provide multi-player features for Sphero 2B owners and friends.

The Sphero 2B is also programmable. Users and programmers will be able to make the Sphero 2B do something else other than what it is mainly functioned to do. This robot comes with a battery that is good for an hour’s worth of activity. It is expected to be available sometime in fall of this year. Interested one can now reserve one for $99 at the Go Sphero site.

Image Source: Sphero

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