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SparkUp Magical Book Reader

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Kids love to hear and read stories. It helps fuel their imagination and widen their thoughts about the world. That is why it is important for parents to offer time to read books with the kids, especially before they go to bed. It also helps to have a little bit of technology to help keep the age-old practice of reading bedtime stories more up to date. Using the SparkUp Magical Book Reader will certainly do that.

The SparkUp Magical Book Reader gives kids a unique way to enjoy books. It helps give it a more interesting twist. The SparkUp Magical Book Reader can create an audio book out of any kid’s book or any other available SparkUp books. Just clip this unique book reader to a chosen book and it will provide an audio version of the book. It reads what is contained on each page. Kids can record themselves reading a favorite book. SparkUp then takes a photo of each page and the books front cover using its tiny camera. The device will then be able to recognize the book and bring out the recorded audio for it.

Aside from personally recording a book, parents can also download professionally recorded stories. The SparkUp reader can identify a particular book and bring out the recorded audio version of it stored in its memory. It all does this based on image recognition of the books front cover and each page. Parents can record a book using their voice so that kids can read a book with their parent’s voice in the background telling the story. The SparkUp Magical Book Reader can store up to 250 minutes of audio or around 50 recorded storybooks. Some of the audio files can also be transferred to a computer to give space on the SparkUp reader for newer audio recordings. The SparkUp Magical Book Reader is available at SparkUp for $60.

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