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Space Spinners Game

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Kids love to play games that keep them on edge. Some games require a lot of focus and concentration, things that many kids love to be challenged with. The Space Spinners Game from Educational Insights is just one of them.

The Space Spinners Game is a unique action game of sorts for kids. The objective of the game is racing to transfer the fuel balls using a flying saucer to the mother ship. Kids do it by using centrifugal force to spin the flying saucers enough to carry the fuel balls, ready for transfer. The one who finishes placing all the fuel balls into the mother ship wins.

The Space Spinners Game is a fast-paced, hands-on game that kids will love to play with friends or even adult family members. It is a fun game for the family to enjoy. Playing the game also helps develop hand-eye coordination in kids. It also helps enhance their fine motor skills. The game also helps introduce kids to the wonderful effects brought about by centrifugal force. It is also a fun game for all the family to play, not just the kids. The Space Spinners Game is designed for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Educational Insights for $25.

Image Source: Educational Insights

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