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Spa Lab All-Natural Soaps

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Girls are known to be quite creative even when young. They also love to make things out of their hands. Kid girls also love doing cute and fun projects at home. One good example of such projects includes this Spa Lab All-Natural Soaps kit.

The Spa Lab All-Natural Soaps kit is a way for girls to have a fun and cool project to do at home. It allows them to create their own personal soaps in a variety of cute shapes that they can use or give as gifts. The kit comes with ingredients to make the soaps- a white glycerin and clear glycerin soap bases, cute soap molds and different soap pigments to add color. The set also comes with measuring and mixing spoons as well as five gift boxes to use when making soaps as ideal presents to friends or loved ones. With the Spa Lab All-Natural Soaps kit, the kid girls can get creative making soaps formed as seashells, flowers and more.

The girls can even get more creative by adding other ingredients found in the kitchen or even the garden to add into their soaps. They can add rose petals, lavender or other plants to make scented soaps. They can add oatmeal or even honey to make unique all-natural soaps. The kit comes with a 16-page full-color booklet that contains instructions on how to create or customize different soaps. Making the soap will require the use of a microwave oven to cook up a batch of soaps and form them in molds. Because of this, the kit is ideal for kid girls from ages 8 years old and above. The Spa Lab All-Natural Soaps kit is available at International Playthings for pre-order at around $20. They are expected to be available sometime this year.

Image Source: International Playthings

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